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[Download] Mafia 4 PC Game Full Free

Mafia 2, 3, and 4 are series of PC games that were launched initially back in 2002. Mafia earned tremendous fame throughout the Globe. The first member of the series is Mafia-The City of Lost Heaven. It was released in August 2002 and held attention of all the PC users. After great success of Mafia 1, the producers released Mafia 2 in 2010. Mafia 2 was based on Empire Bay of the mid 20th century. Like Mafia 1, Mafia 2, Mafia3 also engrossed the people all around the world. The back to back success of Mafia series provoked the game makers to produce Mafia 4.

Mafia 4 Game

It is great news that Mafia 4 is developed by the very famous studio Hangar 13 and released by 2K Games Company in October, 2016. It also became renowned just like the previous member games of the series. Additionally, it has far better features than either of Mafia 1 or 2 or 3. For instance, the maps there are much larger than Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 combined. In the beginning, it was designed for Windows, but later in May 2017 MacOS supported version of the game released.  Now, Mafia 3 is also available for android phones in Google Play Store
The game is set in the New Bordeaux in 1968, a fictional or an imagined version of the New Orleans. The story is linked with a veteran named Lincoln Clay, whom the player will be controlling. Lincoln Clay used to be a warrior in Vietnam War. He has returned from Vietnam to USA.  He once belonged to a mafia game family. His family members were murdered by an Italian mob. The main aim of the game is to find out the murderers and take revenge from them. He tends to destroy completely the places owned by the mob and kill the mob members. In addition, the game allows the player to annex the defeated enemy places in his territory and he can assign one of the gang members to look over the place.
Mafia 4 PC game download

In the game, the hero is much more improved from that of the precedent games. He is made stronger and has got the ability to use a diversity of weapons. He can carry a multitude of weapons at a time. There are three parts of a strip showing the hero’s life. If any of the strips dropped to zero, it cannot be augmented again. Then we need to use medical aid to proceed. The hero is also given with different characteristics that are being discussed. 

Mafia 3 an Old Version

Mafia 3 has got astonishing features. There is a considerable parity among the features of Mafia 3 and the previous games. One of the features is using of gun while driving. In this game you can fire with your gun while driving a vehicle. So you have a great chance of killing and fleeing. Another feature is the street combats. The player can combat in streets or roads in order to get resources like money, weapons etc. After defeating an enemy in the game, the player can use tactics to get more information from him. For instance, the player can scare him using a fast moving vehicle. 
You will find a variety of explosives and weapons in Mafia 3. Hand grenades, machine guns, revolvers, shotguns and many other weapons can be acquired in the game to assassinate the enemies. Interestingly, you can also call for assistance from your allies when needed. They will come and assist you by killing your enemies. Hiding yourself from enemies’ shots is also added to this game. Mafia 3 is really very an addictive gangster game. The player can hide himself behind solid masses to protect himself from the gun fires. 
Mafia 4 PC Game Download

Mafia 3 is really an adventurous action game. You go on back to back missions to achieve your main target i.e. to take revenge from the murderers. Meanwhile, there are numerous other street missions available. Going on each of the missions has a considerable impact on the main character. The player becomes richer and stronger through those various missions. The stealth resources can be used against your enemies, without making them aware of the possible threat. In short, going on street missions affects the whole story of the game. 
When we talk about the environment and surroundings in the game, it seems realistic. The buildings, roads, people, vehicles and everything is really natural. You will see people conversing in the streets, couples making love, musicians and some of the people using drugs. While driving a vehicle, you may wonder that you are driving in the real world. The sounds of vehicles and music in them are real. Almost everything in the game belongs to our real live.

Mafia 4 Trailer

Required and Recommendations:

  1. OS: Windows/ Vista
  2. CPU: Core i5 (Intel)
  3. RAM: 4GB
  4. HD: 45GB
  5. Speakers: Yes
  6. Game Card: NVIDIA GForce GTX 650 1GB/ ATI Radeon HD 6750 minimum
  7.                      NVIDIS GForce GTX 960 2GB/ ATI Radeon R9 280 recommended
  8. More info: Visit Official Site
The game is one of the international bestsellers. During its first week of release, Mafia 4 was on second number in the United Kingdom, following Fifa 17. Forbes, the renowned magazine, rated Mafia 8.1 out of 10 stating, “This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love a good character study and are not in search of gameplay mechanics that break new ground in innovation and control, this is one you should own.” Among all the members of series of Mafia, the 3rd member is considered to be biggest seller and earned satiated fame.
Mafia 4 PC game download

The gameplay of Mafia 3 allures the users. It is full of action and adventures. Game players will most probably love this game. The features, background, story, environment and everything in the game are perfectly designed. They are really exceptional from other games. You will find almost no any bugs. Download the game and play it once. The game is such addictive that you will give all your attention and time happily to it. Enjoy the game!
The triumph of Mafia III can be inferred from the fact that it urged the game producers to produce Mafia IV of the series. Be patient, Mafia 4 is coming very soon. Most definitely, the forthcoming game will also get much more fame than all of the other games. We will soon upload Mafia 4 on our site. Keep visiting the site to remain aware of the updates.

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